Side Hustles

Since I have been working at the barn full time I have been staying super busy. With it getting darker earlier at night I have a few spare minutes now though. I have been researching ways to make a few extra dollars from home. I have found 2 apps and 1 website that I have been using that I really like. I don’t spend much time with them each day and I make around an extra $100 each month. The 2 apps I use are Receipt Hog and Slide Joy.


With Receipt Hog all I do is snap a picture of my receipts as soon as I leave the store. Receipts either earn spins or coins. You can cash out for Amazon cards or PayPal cash.

SlideJoy puts ads and articles on your lock screen. You can either ignore them or choose to read them. You earn $5 each month for doing absolutely nothing.  You can choose Amazon cards, PayPal, or donations.

The website that I have found that I like to use is Swagbucks. I usually make the most from using the watch feature. I just turn the videos on and let them play while I help Jacob with homework and cook dinner. It is super easy to use.

If you are interested in trying any of these easy ways to make a little extra cash let me know and I can send you an invitation to jump start your earnings. If you decide to try any of these and would like to know how I make the most money; let me know and I can do another post explaining everything. Do you have any side hustles? I would love to hear about them.



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