My sponsors are amazing. They provide me with great products that help me with my business and my horses. I currently have 3 great sponsors; Purrty Purrfect Polos, Ballentine Hay Company, and K & I Transport.

Purrty Purrfect Polos and I have been working together for about a year now. I have quite a few pairs of their polo wraps. They are great quality. I have always been concerned with using polo wraps because in the past I have had issues with the Velcro not sticking very long. The Velcro on Purrty Purrfect Polo’s wraps is awesome. I can barely pull it apart to get them off my horses. Plus they come in super cute patterns. And best of all, they are affordable. If you are looking for cute polos at affordable prices take a look at Purrty Purrfect Polos.


Ballentine Hay Company is a great company that provides my horses with amazing quality hay. They are located in Newberry SC. They sell round and square bales of coastal bermuda and square bales of alfalfa. Their hay prices are very affordable for the quality. An important part of the quality of the hay is the new irrigation system they just installed. Now even if we have a dry year, I will be able to get top quality hay for my horses. If you are in South Carolina and looking for great hay make sure you talk to Ballentine Hay Company.

K&I Transport is a transport company located in Little Mountain SC. They actually specialize in hauling cars to dealerships.  They help me transport my hay and tractors. If you are in the southeast and need something hauled be sure to get in touch with them.

Do you have any sponsors? Would you be interested in learning how to reach out to companies about gaining a sponsorship?



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