Go Cubs!!!

As I sit here writing this post, I am also watching the first game of the 2016 MLB World Series. I am a big sports fan. Growing up both of my parents were PE teachers, now my younger brother is a PE teacher as well as football and baseball coach. My mom was a high school softball coach and my dad coached football and baseball, and my brother played sports. I was the odd ball that rode horses.  Sports were a huge part of my life. We went to all of the Clemson football home games until I started riding horses and going to barrel races. I still watch lots of college football on weekends when I am not at a barrel race. I also try to go watch my brother coach a few times during the season. MLB is not something I generally watch though. This year I will be watching as much of the World Series as I can, and I will be pulling for the Chicago Cubs. The first reason I am pulling for Chicago is the fact that my mom was born in Chicago. Most importantly though, I have to pull for the Cubs because of relief pitcher, Carl Edwards, JR (CJ). My brother went to high school with CJ. I also went to high school there, but I had graduated several years before either one of them got to high school. CJ spent nights at our house and traveled with us to baseball games. I remember watching him pitch in little league when he was around 10 years old and all arms and legs. I am so excited for our hometown boy to be able to make it to a World Series. I hope he gets to play some, but even if he doesn’t it is still an amazing experience for him.

Carl Edwards Jr.

Are you watching the World Series this year? Who are you pulling for?



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