Horse of the Week


A few people have asked about the horses at the barn. Right now, we only have 8 and that number is subject to change at any time. So I figured I could do a feature horse of the week as a post. Starting today and continuing every Wednesday we will have a featured horse of the week. Generally we have enough of a rotation that I should be able to do this for a little while anyway. So our first featured horse of the week is Shug. Shug belongs to a client and she is here for a tune up and to be sold. I decided to feature her first because she may not be here next week. She is a 13 year old bay mare. She is grade. Previously she was trained and shown reining. She had also been used in a successful lesson program. When she came to me I started getting her back in shape and then started her on the barrel and pole pattern. She also carries a flag, lets you swing and throw a rope off of her, and we have started working on a goat tying dismount. I think Shug would be well suited for a youth rodeo family. She could give some young cowboy or cowgirl a ton of confidence and a great foundation. If you are interested in finding out more about Shug, seeing videos, or requesting a time to come try her please feel free to give me a call or text at 864-435-5790 or send an email to


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