I know this blog is supposed to be about family, horses, training, and running barrels, but sometimes it is okay to talk about other things. Well today I have to brag on my husband. I was home sick all last weekend. I mean I went to the barn and did the necessities, but nothing extra. Basically all I did was sleep. Monday, I went back to work. I still didn’t feel great, but I had to make myself get stuff done. Well while I was at work, my husband, Chet decided to start the dreaded spring cleaning. I cannot stand cleaning. So I would have been thrilled with any help, but he went above and beyond. Most of our home has hardwood floors. I LOVE my hardwood floors. I think they are so classic. Plus with a 5 year old and a black lab puppy in the house they are much easier to keep clean. Our family room, the main room we spend time in still had carpet though. It was white and when we could keep it clean it looked great. But let’s be honest when you have a kid, a dog, and you train horses for a living white carpet really just is not practical. Well Monday night when I got home… There was no more white carpet.


Chet pulled the carpet up and now we have beautiful hardwood floors in my favorite room in our house!!! Major brownie points for him!!! Now on a weekend when I don’t have a barrel race (who knows when that will be) I need to go find a nice rug which also means new curtains too. I am so excited to put a few new touches on our home. I also told him I want to paint our front door, but that is a few weeks away I’m sure. Have you made any home improvements lately?


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