A few weeks ago, we had our first barrel race of the year. We hauled to Jacksonville, Florida. I have family in Jacksonville so my mom decided to go and visit plus that meant it would be so much easier to take Jacob with us. I really want to haul more this year, but I do not want to do it at the expense of not being able to spend time with Jacob so I am hoping to have him haul with me most of the year. He is old enough to listen now and he had a great time riding his bike all over the grounds in Jacksonville. Plus, I tried to be a barrel racer and a tourist so he could enjoy the trip too. We went to the beach and rode the riverboat while we were there. He even got to meet a younger cousin Lizzy that he didn’t even know he had. While my runs were not exactly what I was hoping for that is okay. I take complete responsibility for the outcome. I did make it back to finals so I was happy about that. One thing I have learned from barrel racing is you have to find a positive in every situation and not beat yourself up. I made it back to finals on a horse I haven’t really run since Jacob was born in 2010 so I’ll take that. We are running some local barrel races throughout the year, but our main focus will be the No Bull Barrel Race Series, Georgia Sports Arena, and trying to acquire WBRL points. I hope to do future posts about all three of those groups. I feel like in the Southeast those are your best bets as a barrel racer. The local barrel races are still great for seasoning horses, but if you are hoping to pull a decent check they are where its at. Here are a few more pictures from our trip.

photo (1)

photo (2)


Have you been to any barrel races yet this year? How did you do? Have you heard of No Bull, WBRL, or GSA? Have you attended any of their shows?



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