A New Adventure

At the moment I am a bit overwhelmed. I have a full barn, a full lesson schedule, a part time job, and a family. I am entered to run at several barrel races this fall. Some of my students and I are planning to haul to the No Bull Finale, Winter Classic, and Southern Rebel Futurity. I plan to run a horse that is fairly new to barrels so I am trying to work her consistently on top of consignment horses and client horses. I am swamped. And to make it worse…I miss Jacob. I really want be able to spend more time with him, but still get the horses worked and make enough money to pay the bills. That is why, earlier this week I made the decision to become an It Works distributor. I hope that will provide me enough extra income I can afford to quit my part time job, spend more time with Jacob, get more horses ridden every day, and haul a few more horses to the barrel races. Plus I hope I can use the products too. Maybe I can look and feel a little better-plus not be as much of a load for my horses to carry around.


It Works offers great products for everything from weight loss, skin and hair care, and wrinkles. If you are interested in trying some products I can get you a FREE membership plus my discount on all of our all natural products! You will also get $10 back instantly in product credit! If you interested in trying any of the products or have questions please let me know!


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