Movin On

Over the years, my horses and competition have taught me some valuable life lessons. I feel like most of the lessons I have learned are pretty positive (hard work and dedication pay off, your horse will work as much for you as you work for him, etc.) Recently, my husband brought up that one of the qualities I love about myself drives him insane. I am pretty sure this particular quality came from years of running barrels. He says it drives him crazy that I can just move on from things. The other day we had a fuss and few minutes later I was over it, I had moved on, it was in the past, and everything in my opinion was fine. He was upset that I wasn’t still upset. His feelings are that if I truly cared that much about it I wouldn’t be able to just “move on”. I guess my years of barrel racing and running multiple horses have taught me when you come out of the arena on one horse, that run is over, wipe it away, and get ready for you next run. You can’t let a bad run on your first horse ruin every other run you have that day. Yes, you can be upset, and yes, you can go home and work on the issue later that week, but you can’t dwell on the negatives. I still think that is one of my good qualities. What qualities have you picked up from riding horses/running barrels?



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