Constantly Learning

After a conversation the other day with a rider from a different discipline telling me that most trainers are not really qualified to be trainers, I started thinking…when is the last time I really did anything to further my education. I mean sure as a trainer and instructor I learn the most from trial and error and my day to day work. I recently stumbled across a free equine reproduction class so I decided to give it a shot. I NEVER have any intentions on becoming a breeder, but what the heck who knows….I may have a client that could benefit from me knowing more about the breeding side of the business. Another thing I am doing to continue my equine education is I am planning to go to a few clinics this summer!

My question to you is…what do you expect your trainers and instructors to do in order to continue their education? What does a trainer/instructor need to know to be qualified in your opinion?



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