Wardrobe Malfunctions

I recently saw the funniest horse racing video…Let’s just say the jockey had a wardrobe malfunction. He didn’t quit riding- he kept right on running and ended up finishing the race in second place. This video reminded me of several years ago when I had a wardrobe malfunction at a barrel race. My horse was being silly going down the alley and I reached down to pet on him and reassure him. Well when I did my cute new button up shirt got hung on the horn and when I sat up to go to the first barrel every button on the shirt popped open. I wasn’t about to stop him. We ended up making a really nice run and bringing home a check. I always tell my students this story and tell them to wear a shirt under their button up, but no matter what happens don’t quit riding. Here is the video from the horse race.

Since this post was kind of about horse racing, who is ready for the Kentucky Derby this weekend? Will you be betting? Who are you going to pick?



Summer 2015

It is almost May so that means it is time to start making plans for the summer. After a few people expressed interest in a camp we decided that this year we will be doing a camp. I am so excited. The last several summers, I have worked with another farm and done and camp but this year I will continue to help with the other farm’s camp as well as do 2 camp of my own!!! Our camps will be June 22-26 and July 20-24. Here is the flyer. If you would like more information or are interested in attending, please feel free to contact us!



Generally, I am not a big treat giver. They can make horses become poushy and rude sometimes. Last November, I found some super cute treats on Instagram. They were made by a company called Strawberry Fields. One would think that since it was Christmas I would have ordered red and green treats. Nope, not me, I ordered pink, purple, and tie dye. The prices were very reasonable and I received my treats quickly. The treats were cute and the packaging was cute! Plus, my horses loved the treats. Homer is a pretty picky horse and even he ate and like the Strawberry Fields sugar cubes.IMG_20150218_201210


Do you give your horse treats? If so what is their favorite kind!