Christmas Is Coming

IMG_20141124_222907(I can’t believe how much he has grown since last year)

This week, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving which means that Christmas coming. I am excited about Christmas this year. Jacob is a little older now and will understand more about what is going on. Hopefully this year he will be more impressed with his gifts than the paper, bows, and boxes. My brother is a Fingerhut member and he gave Jacob his Christmas Toy Catalog (I’m going to have to hurt him). Jacob has something circled on almost every page. While I am excited about Christmas for Jacob this year, I am also saddened by the fact that some children will not have a Christmas like Jacob. The child cannot help their parent’s financial situation and should not have to suffer for it. That is why I have decided that from now until December 10, a portion of all my sales and lessons will go to Toys for Tots. My favorite morning radio show, The Rise Guys on 93.3 The Planet, just did a Toys for Tots drive and after listening to their broadcast I made the decision to donate. After December 10th, I will figure out how much we have to spend and then Jacob and I will go on  a shopping spree. I am really excited about this because while most children are only concerned with what they are getting for Christmas, I want Jacob to be excited about giving. I will do a follow up post to tell how much we had to spend and what all we bought. I am SUPER excited about this and hope to make it Christmas tradition. To learn more about Toys for Tots, please click here.




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