Well, after some thinking I have decided that as much as I loved the logo that Chet drew for me – it just wasn’t working for what I needed. It looked nice on business cards and on the website, but it looked awkward on a cap, visor, and headband. Plus, one of my students asked if I was going to start branding some of our horses. I haven’t really thought about it and the answer is more than likely no unless a customer really wants one, but the logo we were using would definitely not make a pretty brand. So….we decided we needed a new logo, one that was smaller, cute, could easily fit on business cards, promotional items, and horses (if we do decide to brand.)

So here is a picture of  the old logo just to serve as a reminder


And here is the updated and revamped logo

LOGOFORHATYes, I am very aware that the black is quite boring and we will be doing different colors based on hats and shirts as well as color on the business cards. I have not 100% decided what colors I will be going with yet, so I decided to share the plain black version. What do y’all think of the upgrade?



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