Well, after some thinking I have decided that as much as I loved the logo that Chet drew for me – it just wasn’t working for what I needed. It looked nice on business cards and on the website, but it looked awkward on a cap, visor, and headband. Plus, one of my students asked if I was going to start branding some of our horses. I haven’t really thought about it and the answer is more than likely no unless a customer really wants one, but the logo we were using would definitely not make a pretty brand. So….we decided we needed a new logo, one that was smaller, cute, could easily fit on business cards, promotional items, and horses (if we do decide to brand.)

So here is a picture of  the old logo just to serve as a reminder


And here is the updated and revamped logo

LOGOFORHATYes, I am very aware that the black is quite boring and we will be doing different colors based on hats and shirts as well as color on the business cards. I have not 100% decided what colors I will be going with yet, so I decided to share the plain black version. What do y’all think of the upgrade?



Just a Reminder

This is just a reminder to everyone who has inquired about our internships or submitted an application, internships were originally due  today, Friday March 28, 2014. However, this weekend I will not be able to sit down and look over applications plus I forgot send a message to everyone who has previously inquired about internships so therefore, I am extending the deadline until Friday April 11, 2014. I would like to thank everyone who has already applied. I will be notifying everyone on or before Friday April 25, 2014 as to if you were accepted into the program. Also, one of our sponsors has graciously offered to sponsor an intern and allow their time with us to be completely free and possibly even allow them to be paid depending on how long they stay. If you  have any questions about our internship or would like to apply, please email wishingwindsranch@gmail.com

How Barrel Racing Feels Sometimes

Yesterday, I was looking at my Instagram and noticed a great picture/quote. I felt inclined to share it with everyone. I have had a ton of success throughout my career and several times I have come home with more than what I left the house with, but as anyone that has ever been competitive with anything (not just horses) knows, occasionally you will go through a slump. That is just part of it. Lately I have been hauling mostly client horses and a few of my young guys so this is describing the way my 2014 has felt for the most part. We have another show next weekend and I am taking a few finished horses with me so hopefully things will start looking up. But for now this describes What it is like to barrel race!:

1.Well first, borrow a friend’s pickup truck, the bigger the better, find someone with at least an F350, preferably an F450. Make sure the gas tank is empty.

2. Fill it full of fuel.

3. Drive at least 250 miles, stop, throw $200-$500 on the ground.

4. Have your friend hit you in the shins hard with a metal pipe. DO NOT seek medical attention to stitch it up. Apply some horse salve to it and a band aid.

5. Drive home, get no sleep, and go to work.

6. Send $1000 to a random vet clinic in your area.

7. Go to local feed store, pay $600 for feed and supplements.

8. All week, work your “regular job” during the day. Go home, ride horses, and more work, at home, than you did all day, but now its for free.

9. Friday night, repeat steps 1-3. This time throw $600 on the ground.

10. This time your friend doesn’t hit you in the shins. Of the $600 you threw on the ground you get $50 back. CONGRATULATIONS! You managed to sneak in there for a check.

11. Drive home feeling like a champion and can’t wait to do it again next weekend,

If that sounds like fun to you, all you need is a $40-80,000 truck (depending on the size of the trailer), a $25-$100,00 trailer (depending on how comfortable you want to be), lots of tack, a $2500-$100,000 horse (depending on how competitive you want to be).

*This was found on @Sommersovaa on Instagram and be sure to follow us at @wishingwindsranch