Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope everyone had a safe and fun New Years Eve! We are planning so many new and exciting things for 2014. I am really happy  about the direction we are heading. We are currently have 8 horses at the barn. That means there we are full until spring. There are a few changes for the farm this year. We have to decided to focus more on open shows and getting futurity colts ready for 2015. We will hit very few rodeos in 2014. This means that we will have more time for clinics, lessons, and to support our students at their shows and rodeos. Our calendar is still pretty full even without hitting the rodeo road. We are also going to have a YouTube channel dedicated to tips, products we use, horses for sale, and any other random happenings at the barn. I also plan to keep the website updated quite a bit better since I am at a point where I have more time to work on the website. I plan to start making some changes as early as this week to the site and hopefully have our YouTube channel up and going by the middle of next week. We also hope to start back designing and making custom tack again. I really enjoyed it while I was pregnant and I have had a few requests for items so I hope to find the time to start the tack shop up again. Stay tuned for more exciting changes coming in 2014. I hope everyone has a successful 2014!


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