It seems like all that has happened the last few weeks has been bad, but the most important thing in my life is my family. I am so thankful I have an amazing family and group of friends.

A few weeks ago, a parent of one of my student’s was diagnosed with cancer. I have given her daughter lessons for almost 3 years. Julie gave the beginner lessons at her farm and then they moved on to me. Since her diagnosis, I have picked up some of her lessons.

My husband’s aunt has also been diagnosed with cancer. She lives in Oklahoma so we have been staying in touch over the phone, but we are also planning a trip out there to see her and the rest of the Lambert family. Plus we always bring back a trailer load of really nice prospects when we go to Oklahoma so I am ready to head that way.

Sunday I got a call that my mom’s best friend’s mother had passed. Miss Joy taught me ceramics as a child. I have so many good memories with Miss Joy and she will be greatly missed.

Just last night, I got the news of a 9 year old that my mom used to teach being hit by and 18 wheeler. As a parent, I cannot imagine the heartache his family must be feeling. I pray that God will be with his family and help them through this difficult time.

All of that seems bad, but the most heartbreaking story of my past few weeks is the passing of Megan Stockstill. Megan and Talmadge just had a beautiful baby boy Sterling. I have been to Talmadge clinics, bought horses from his family, and idolized them growing up. Megan and Talmadge were great people and great for the sport of barrel racing. The barrel racing community has come together to start a Megan’s Memory Scholarship that will be given away each year at the All American Youth Barrel Race. They are also doing an auction to help raise funds. Everyone should check out Megan’s Memory Scholarship Fund  and Megan’s Memory Scholarship Fund Online Auction

Even with all the sadness that has occurred over the last few weeks, I have an amazing family and friends. I thank God every night. I also am blessed to be living my dream. I have a nice horses, go to barrel races most weekends, I have an awesome husband and son, great clients, and some awesome horses in training. I am living a dream life, I am so thankful for everything. All the tragedy makes me realize how truly blessed I am.