Get Your Balance

Balance is so important to being a successful horse back rider. Whether you decide to barrel race, trail ride, or compete in dressage, you have to have balance.
Several of my lesson students start lessons thinking that when you ride a horse, you just sit there and the horse does all the work. That is NOT true. Riding is so much more than just sitting in a saddle. Some of my students have major balance issues. We work on these issues by riding bareback, riding without stirrups, and several other exercises.
One of my newer students is very dedicated and wants to do everything she can to succeed. She has some balance issues and she really wanted to address the issue, but she doesn’t have a horse at home so she only gets to ride once a week during lessons. She asked what she could work on at home to help her balance. I told her one of my english/dressage instructors years ago used to make us stand on a balance board to help us with our balance and that she could try that.
A balance board is a piece of plywood that has been cut and screwed into a piece of PVC pipe so that the board moves up and down based on how you distribute your weight.
My husband made a balance board for the barn. We have been using it. Jacob loves walking across it, he calls it the bridge. Chet and I have played around on it some too. I have been slack and haven’t finished painting it. I hope to get that done this week. After it is finished, I will do another post where I share pictures and tell exactly how Chet made the board. I will also give a few exercises you can do on the board so you can get the most out of it. For now though I will share a quick picture of the board like it is now.
balance board