Youth World Finals

This week, youth world finals is taking place in Perry Georgia. I have been watching the show online as much as I possibly can and keeping in touch with some of my clients that are there so I can keep up with what is going on. Twitter has been hopping with Youth World tweets this week also. I am now too old to go run at the Youth World show, but I had so many awesome experiences at the show I felt like this would be a good time to do a Friday Flashback. I started running NBHA in 1998. I qualified and went to youth world finals every year starting in 1999 until I was too old to compete. I loved the show. I competed in Memphis and Jackson. 2001 was definitely the most memorable year I had at the show. Over the years, I met tons of lifelong friends, I got to see some AMAZING horse/rider combinations, and gained memories that will last me a lifetime. Here is a picture from the 2001 Youth World Championships held in Jackson MS.




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