Need Some Advice

Well it seems as if it has been FOREVER since I posted. I have been insanely busy this summer with horses, lessons, family, the new barn (trying to get it finished and all the horses/business moved). I need some advice though…. I ride horses for a living, I work outside everyday. I need a pair of boots that will hold up. I have a tiny foot and the way I step is messed up. I got a new pair of boots for Christmas. The leather has already separated from the sole. I cannot justify buying new boots every 6 months. I need a pair of boots that will last. My issue is, if I try to save money, and buy children’s boots they fit perfect, but do not hold up. If I spend the money and buy adult boots, they just do not fit right and they do not hold up much longer. I need a GOOD pair of boots, I need your help. What is a great brand of boots? I don’t really care about flashy boots, yes I ADORE cute boots, but I really need a pair that will hold up. I prefer just a plain color square toe and I always wear my jeans over my boots so I don’t really see a point in buying cute boots to work in.  What brand of boots do you wear/recommend?




3 thoughts on “Need Some Advice

  1. Dehner Boot company makes custom boots. I had mine made in 1979, and they are still in excellent shape. It will cost you a bit to start with, but if you figure how much you’ll spend on boots over 30+ years, they are the best deal around.

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