An Update

Well, I have been pretty slack about keeping everyone updated about what has been going on. I have been super busy and extremely exhausted. That wreck kicked my butt. I have finally gotten my stitches out, but I still need to get a cute haircut with some bangs so I can cover the scar. I also need to get it dyed because I have a severe case of root-rot going on, but the doctor says I cannot dye it for another 2 weeks. So I guess I will be baseball capping it for awhile.

A few weeks ago, I posted about a big announcement. This is not the way I wanted to do it, but here it goes. We are expanding. We have a farm in Woodruff SC now. It is not finished, and things are going much slower than expected, but it is getting there. I hope to move most of my business to the Woodruff barn, but I am sure I will still do quite a bit of traveling.  I hope to hold a camp and do some clinics this summer. Maybe next year we can do a few fun shows. The possibilities are endless and very exciting. Stay tuned to keep up with our progress.

barnWe still have quite a bit of work to do.

Last week, Chet turned the big 4-0. His birthday was during the middle of the week so we didn’t do much that night. Just dinner and then I took him and Jacob to Frankie’s Fun Park. They climbed on the jungle gym thing, bowled, and played in the arcade. Then Saturday we had a family get together and did a bowling trip. We had fun (too bad I couldn’t bowl- it stinks having a broken right shoulder and being right handed!) I really wanted to make the trip home to Oklahoma for his birthday, but now it looks like we will be making the trip this fall.


Chet and Jacob in the playground thing at Frankies.

lamberhotHe is still pretty hot for 40, don’t you think?!

Last Friday I took some clients to a barrel race. We had a good time and made some progress. Every run was clean and all of the girls improved their times each run. It was so hard going to a barrel race and not being able to run, but that is part of the business. Hopefully I will be back at it soon. I am still trying to work horses and keep them in shape without doing too much. Even though I didn’t run they did raffle ticket drawings and I won a super cute red sparkly halter. A girl can never have too much sparkle! I am going to let it be Diva’s halter. I am so ready to start riding her and getting her ready for the 2015 futurities!

What has been going on in your life?



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