I’m A Lucky Girl

Well I was really hoping my next post was going to be a follow-up to my big announcement post. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I was really hoping to be further along with my announcement, but Friday morning I was in a car accident. My wreck has really made me slow down and not just because I’m broken, bruised, and in pain. It has made me realize I am lucky to be here and that God has plans for me. I love my business, but I love my family too. I have learned that I can be a good business/horse person and have a successful and happy family.


Yes, I had a concussion, broken shoulder, 18 awful stitches right in the middle of my forehead that make me resemble Frankenstein, and a huge bump on the back of my head that makes it unbearable to even brush it. It was a pretty bad wreck, my car didn’t quite hold up to the impact of a school bus. When emergency workers got to the scene, I was unconscious. They wanted to air lift me out, but it was too foggy for the helicopter to land so I got an ambulance ride to the nearest trauma center (over an hour away). I had never been in an ambulance before and when I finally came to I had no idea where Jacob was. I could not remember that I had dropped him off at my dad’s before I headed to work. That scared me more than anything.

Now I don’t moan as much about Jacob’s bath time or turning the laptop off at night to spend time with Chet. This wreck really changed my outlook. Have you ever had a wake up call change the way you look at things? If so, I would love to hear about it.



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