The A,B,Cs of Me

I saw this on a friend of mine’s blog, and thought it was cool. I decided to do it to. This will help y’all get to know me a little better.

A-Age-I am 27, but turning 28 tomorrow.

B-Barrel Racing-My job and my passion.


C-Color. I really like turquoise and pink.

D-Dog-We have a 4 year old Shih-tzu named Kahlil.

E-Education-I have been considering going back to law school. That was the plan all through college but met hubs and plans change. Still kind of like the idea.

F-Fear. I am scared of chickens. I love eggs, but chickens terrify me.

G-Girly. Most of my lesson students/clients would never guess how girly I actually am. I love to sew, wear make-up, and paint my nails. I also LOVE to shop.

H-Husband-Chet Lambert, we are getting ready to celebrate our anniversary. This is a super old picture from our honeymoon. Since I have gained so much weight, I don’t take pictures anymore.


I-Instrument-Most people don’t know that I can play piano and clarinet. I would love to learn to play the guitar. Chet can play and Jacob loves it.

J-Jobs. Most of my jobs have revolved around horses. The other jobs that I have had over the years are working in the clerk of court’s office, working for an attorney, and a campaign manager.

K-Kids. I have 1 son, Jacob. He is 2.


L-Lessons. I currently have 20 lesson students. I love giving lessons and seeing my students become successful and grow in and out of the arena.

M-Math. Before I became a political science major I thought I wanted to teach upper level high school math.

N-Newberry College. I attended Newberry College.

O-OCD. I am very OCD. I have issues with food touching and cleaning the house. I am also a little crazy about my horse’s routines.

P-Political Science. I was a political science major in college. I LOVE politics.

Q-Quiet-When you first me meet I am pretty quiet and reserved.

R-Right handed. I am right handed for almost everything. I can write with my left hand if I need to though.

S-Siblings- I have 1 brother, Bryan, we have the same birthday!

T-Tri-Sigma. I was in the Tri-Sigma sorority during my years at Newberry College.


U-Urban Nirvana- The best place ever for a massage.

V-Vacation. I love going on vacations, but lately it seems like I never get one.

W-World Champion. In 2001 I was lucky enough to win a Youth World Championship on my awesome horse Benita Bar Star AKA Buddy.


X-X-rays. I have had WAY too many over the years. I have broken fingers, wrist, collar bone, ribs, and tail bone.

Y-Yearling. I have a yearling filly I am super excited about. Bella is a pretty sweet girl. This is a baby picture and a current one.



Z-Zoo. Jacob and I go to the zoo for birthdays. We have a trip planned this week. It is a tradition.


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