Trying Them Out

Right now is an exciting time of year. The weather is nice, flowers are blooming, babies are being born, and most of my students are getting ready summer break. The exciting thing about that is that several of them are starting to look for horses to purchase. I love helping students find horses. The look on their face when they find the right horse is AMAZING!

Whenever I go with students to look at horses, I pick out 3 or 4 horses for them to look at. We then go look at ALL of them. Even if we fall in love with the first horse, we go ride everything else. Then we discuss the one we liked the best. After that we will give it a few days, talk again, and then go re-ride our favorite. I have seen so many first time horse purchasers, including myself, buy the first horse they rode. Even if the horse was not a good fit for them. My first horse was a big sorrel mare named Sugar. She turned out to be a good horse for me eventually, but the only reason I chose her was because she could have foals and she was pretty.(Not a good reason to decide to buy your first horse).

My advice to you today is to take your time and find a horse that fits your needs. Do not buy the first horse you ride and take your time. A horse is a huge purchase, make sure you get one you will be happy with after the newness of horse ownership wears off.


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