Well, I am only 5 days late posting this, but guess what?!? It is May. So far May has been pretty nasty, I think we have had rain everyday. Rain is good, but we have hay ready to cut and horses to get ready for shows.  Around here May is an insanely busy month. Today is Cinco de Mayo, then we have my step-son Preston’s birthday (May 8), Mother’s Day, mine and my brother Bryan’s birthday (May 15), my Dad’s birthday (May 20), my Dad’s fiances birthday (May 24), and finally mine and Chet’s anniversary on May 29. Oh, I forgot my Brother’s girlfriend graduates college and High School Rodeo State Finals are this month. Plus we have horse shows and barrel races every weekend and Memorial Day. What a month. We are busy, busy, busy!

What is your busy month? Do you feel like  you need 20 lists to remind you what you are doing and where you are going?



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