Work Smart


Well Thursday is almost over and it was a busy day so I am just now getting to writing my Thursday Tip for this week. This week is all about being smart with your horse. Right now most of my students are in the middle of competition season. For some of them that means rodeos every weekend for the rest of the month. When you are working your horse every weekend be smart when you are at home. Ride them enough to keep them in shape, if you had a problem during your weekend run, fix it, but whatever you do, PLEASE do not work your horse to death during the week, bore them on the pattern, and then expect them to go and perform for you on the weekend. I plan my rides constantly. I know what I am going to do and I am always thinking ahead to my next show or rodeo so I can have my horse in the best shape physically and mentally to win. You can work on your barrel run without actually working your horse on the barrel pattern. There are so many other ways to practice when you are at home. If you would like some of these exercises, please feel free to contact me.



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