Well it seems like lately there has not been much to write about. My life has been pretty boring, but sometimes that can be a good thing. Right now my life is pretty routine. Get up, work, give lessons, come home, dinner, give Jacob a bath, playtime, watch cartoons with Jacob, do paperwork, go to bed, get up and do it all again. I am getting really worn out right now though, I think this is the worst shape I have ever been in. I am trying to start working out some during the day. While I feed horses I do jumping jacks or sprint the length of the pasture until they are finished eating. I am hoping to get some more energy. I am also just telling myself: Make it to summer. Then you can move your lessons around and you will have a few evenings off. Then maybe I will not be so tired, but I know as summer is approaching I will get more calls about lessons, take in more training horses, and go to more shows. That just means that my evenings off will have something else to do. It will not really mean time off.

On top of being busy with business and family life I am trying to figure out what I want to do for my husband’s 40th Birthday party. He will be 40 June 12. That is only a month and a half away! Time flys! He is from Oklahoma and I would love to do a party out there for him, but his sister and parents now live here so that means I would have to do 2 parties. I am also thinking if I do a party in Oklahoma I can take the truck and trailer and pick up a few horses while I am out there!

How has your life been going lately? Do you feel like you ever just fall into a routine? Do you like routine? How do you switch things up?



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