Today is Thursday and that means it is time for another Thursday tip. This tip is a little different from most of the tips I give. It is not really horse related. This one is people related. It is about your skin. Take care of it!!! You only have 1 body and you need to take care of it. I’m not sure about where you are, but the weather here in South Carolina has been beautiful the last 2 weeks. I have even worn shorts and tank tops already. Most of my students are young girls and they love to be out wearing tops and working on their tans. I have a great tan because I am outside all day every day. I do not lay in tanning beds and I do wear sun screen. I try to take care of my skin. I try to tell all my girls to wear sun screen for their lessons. They do not want to be 40 years old and have their skin look like saddle leather. I use lotion ALL the time. My favorite lotion to date is by Ulta. It is called Beauty Smoothie Dragonfruit Frappe Body Creme. It is amazing. It keeps my skin soft no matter what kind of weather I deal with during the day. It smells good too. So while you are out working horses this summer, use some lotion, and take care of your skin!




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