Wonder Product

I know that my usual Thursday tip is more of a training tip or riding tip. Today we are going to change things up a bit. Today I am going to tell you about an AMAZING product that I have heard quite a bit about but I just recently started using.

The product is called ToMorrow. It is a dry cow product. For those of you who don’t know, a dry cow is a  cow that is not lactating. Yes, that right this is a cattle product. Let me tell you if it works as good for mastitis as is does for thrush no wonder it is a best seller!


It has been really rainy and wet lately and some of the horses that do not get used as much just stand out in the pasture. I pulled them all in the other day for trimming and worming. One of my older pretty much retired geldings had a touch of thrush. I tried ToMorrow and after 3 days I could not see any sign of the thrush. I was amazed.

Yesterday, I went to a client’s farm to work a few horses for them since they are out of town for Spring Break. I brought all the horses in and quite a few were starting to show signs of thrush so I gave everyone a quick application of ToMorrow and then wrote them instructions on how to use it when they got back. Hopefully they will have the good results I have had with it.

I am not a vet or farrier, I am just sharing my opinion on a product I used and loved. Have you ever used ToMorrow for thrush? If so, how did it work for you? Also, if you have any questions about thrush, or how to use ToMorrow please feel free to ask!



2 thoughts on “Wonder Product

  1. You’ve made a great discovery here!

    I am a farrier/hoofcare provider and I love this product! It’s good for frog infections, white line, thrush, summer sores, cuts. I work in both California and Hawaii. The ultra-moist Hawaiian climate demands this product. It works better than ThurshBuster or any other thrush formula that I’ve tried.

    I’m told that the Hawaiian hunters use this to ward off infection in their dog’s cuts; chicken owners use it in chicken cuts before they sew them up. Good stuff to have in both the hoof and the first aid kit!

    I have discussed this product with my Vet — it is an antibiotic (Cephapirin Benzathine). Another formulation, called ToDay, is for lactating cows. I have not used ToDay, but I assume the ToMorrow (dry cow version) is stronger.

    Also, the product is very reasonably priced ($3.50 – $6) depending on the supplier. (My farrier supplier, Phalen Horseshoeing Supply, carries it. They ship…


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