Welcome Spring!

It is finally spring! Thank goodness! I am so ready for warmer temperatures and nice days to ride. Although, so far the weather this spring has been worse than 85% of our winter. It is starting to warm up and be pretty finally. The plants are starting to bloom and babies are being born. Oh, and the horses are shedding. I go home covered in horse hair every evening! I am hoping to do a little flower planting this week. I am addicted to Gerber Daisys! I have never really done any planting before so wish me luck! We will see how it goes. It is kind of sad and scary, I always gave my Mom a hard time about her flowers, but as I am getting older I am turning into her!

One of my lesson students boards her horse at a farm that is more like a petting zoo. They have a little bit of everything. Every time I go give lessons there I have to ask what all has been born since the last time I was there. So far they have a calf, kids, ducks, lambs, alpacas, and chicks. I love baby animals…Too cute!

I figured I would share a few spring pictures I have been snapping lately. How is spring going where you are?













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