Ending On A Good Note

Well I missed last week’s Thursday tip again. I had no clue that my life would be this busy. I really need an assistant. I cannot keep up, but enough complaining…Here is this Thursday’s tip of the week!

I have a student who has owned horses previously as a child and now got back into horses as an adult. Money was a bit of an issue so she decided to get a 3 year old and do the training herself. She called me to help. We have had to start from scratch. The one thing I constantly remind her of  is to end on a good note. I have the philosophy that if you are touching a horse, you are training that horse. Make it be a positive experience. This does not mean not to challenge your horse with new things, but never quit while the horse is winning. That reinforces negative behavior. If you feel yourself getting frustrated, get off and do groundwork or something the horse feels comfortable doing. Always end your session on a good note-it sets you up for a good ride the next day.

Until next week,



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