A Little Help

A few weeks on the Thursday tip I talked about fitting a bridle. Well the next week I was planning to talk about how to determine what size girth your horse needs. One of my twitter followers, and personal friends-who has now become a student asked this a few weeks ago after she got a new horse. Several people do not know the answer to this question. They have one or two girths in the barn that they force to fit on everything. This is not the best idea. When your girth does not fit you can run into several different problems. So I am going to teach you how to determine what size girth your horse needs.

The materials you will need for this are a horse, a soft tape measure, and possibly a calculator (depending how good you are with math).

First, you stand your horse on level ground then measure their heart girth. Wrap your soft tape measure all the way around the horse.





I decided to figure out what size girth Jacob’s pony Scooter needs. Sorry he is such a wooly booger! After you get the measurement, you divide the number by 2. And then you add 3. This will give you the size of the girth you need to buy. Most girth only come in even sizes so if you end up with and odd number, round up. Scooter measured a 53 so I divided by 2 and came up with 26.5 then I subtracted 3 and ended up with 23.5. I rounded up to 24.

Hope this helps you!



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