It Is All About Fit

My Thursday tip for this week is all about fit. It was inspired by a few of my students/friends. A few weeks ago a friend of mine got a new horse. Since she got the horse she has had quite a few questions for me. Most were routine and I just texted her back the answer. A couple of the questions she asked however, were interesting and I asked a few of my students if they knew the answers and most of them did not. That got me thinking. How many people really do not know how to properly fit tack for their horses. With ill fitting tack, your horse cannot possibly compete or just ride to the best of their ability. Your horse deserves properly fitting tack, how do you feel when you try to wear pants that are too tight or even too big and you have to waste all day pulling your pants up-your horse is the same way. Today’s tip is about how to properly fit the bridle. Next week out tip will be about saddle fit and girth size so stay tuned.

When you fit a bridle for your horse, you generally want the bit to cause a wrinkle in your horses’ mouth. It will look like a smile. That is usually when the bridle is adjusted correctly, but you also need to check how tight your cheek pieces are because some horses hold a bit and it will look like the mouth is wrinkled. Last week I had a student that was having issues getting a horse to respond. The first thing I checked was the bit. Look at the picture below to see what I found! No wonder she was having issues. There was no way possible for her to get a response when her bridle was that loose. You want to be able to fit 2 fingers between your horse’s cheek and the cheek pieces of your bridle.


I hope this tip has helped you!



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