New for Summer 2013

This summer, we plan to offer a few new services. Some of these services are more clinics (YAY! I love doing clinics I just haven’t had much time since Jacob came along) and internships.

Here is some more information about my clinics. I hold 1 day clinics and weekend clinics. One day clinics are held on a Saturday or Sunday. We can hold clinics at our farm, or we can come to you. If you are interested in hosting a clinic, please contact us. We have several specials for people deciding to hold clinics this year. If you host, you ride for free. We will send you all the promotional information you need. Our clinics cover horsemanship, horse care, equipment, and barrel racing. If you attend a clinic, you will get a Wishing Winds Ranch goody bag and a book of arena exercises. We start our clinics by videoing each participant running (or whatever speed you feel comfortable going) the pattern. Then we break the videos down, talk about equipment changes, and address issues found in your first run, then there will be one on one instruction. At the end of the clinic you will have another run and prizes will be awarded.

Here is some more information about my internship program. This will be a Horse Training Internship. It will be available to anyone age 13 and up. Previous experience is required. The internship will consist of helping with chores, riding horses, starting horses, attending shows or barrel races, and assisting with lessons.  If you are interested you can also bring your own horse to the internship. Our program will run from May to August. We will be accepting 2 interns at a time. We will provide housing and meals for the interns. Internships can last from 2 week to 8 weeks. While you are here you will get real-world experience and improve your horsemanship skills. Preference will be given to college students pursing Equine Degrees and will work with the university to ensure our program meets your needs. Special pricing will be given to college interns.
Tuition for interns is as follows:

  • Internship cost without bringing their own horse $200/week.
  • Internship cost with bringing their horse $225/week.
  • Internship cost for College students not bringing their own horse $150/week
  • Internship costs for College student bringing their own horse $175/week.

A non-refundable deposit of $75 is required to secure your internship and a discount will be given if you pay the entire amount up-front. To gain an internship position you will need to provide a video of you catching, saddling, bridling and riding your horse (walk, trot, and lope), and any other information you feel you’d like to include for consideration. Videos may be submitted by YouTube, email or mailed via DVD. To be considered for an internship the application is due by April 26, 2013. Please email with any questions or to request an application.

If you are interested in any of these services please feel free to email or call 803-271-6407.


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