Snow, Sad News, Winners, and Tips! Oh My!

Well this week has not been nearly what I had hoped for, but that is okay. One thing I have learned to do quite well over the years is roll with the punches. First off, Saturday we had snow! I know this does not seem like a big deal to most of y’all but in South Carolina snow is a big deal. This is the first time Jacob (2 years old) has gotten to enjoy the snow. He LOVED it! We did not have much, and it was gone by Sunday but he did have fun playing in it while it lasted. Maybe we will get more next year. One snow a year is plenty for me.

Then on Monday I get a call that my Grandmother is not doing well at all and is unresponsive. I have been spending some time each day at the nursing home. My grandmother practically raised me while my parents worked. She has been such an influential part of my life and it kills me to see her this way. I know the suffering will be over soon as the doctors say she has around 48 hours left. I really thought I had dealt with most of my guilt in the past, but spending time at the nursing home has made me realize that I have not.

Congratulations to Nikki! You are the winner of the scarf giveaway! You will be getting an email shortly. Just pick the scarf you like and send me your address and I will get it in the mail. Thanks for your participation!

Today’s Tip is going to be a little different.  I am doing a mini tip and feedback today. I am considering a new venture and I need some feedback. So please, answer my poll question and keep checking back for exciting new happenings!

First Up: The Tip

It’s all about leg protection. Most barrel racers use some kind of leg support for their horses, the running, stopping and turning can really be hard on a horse’s legs. There are several options when it comes to leg protection.

Now for the Follow Up:

**How do you like that I used a beach themed poll after the snow we had this week. I am ready for warm weather and beach trips!

Thanks for you help! Here is a picture of the snow! It is so pretty but then it melts and makes such a mess!




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