It’s tip Thursday again! This week I am talking about grooming. It is a very important part of working with your horse, but sometimes it is very overlooked. Grooming is not just about getting your horse clean. It is about bonding with your horse and getting to know your horse. You should check your horse every time you groom. If he has any new cuts, swelling, or heat in the legs, grooming is the time to find it. I have had a student get on horses and ride and then tell me their horse was a little off, after giving the horse a quick once over I found a pretty deep cut on a hind leg. I asked why she did not find it when she was brushing her horse, she said I just brushed his back where my saddle goes. NO, NO, NO. You brush your horse for more reasons than to clean an area off to put a saddle on his back. So when you brush, check your horse out. Have fun and happy grooming!



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