Job Shadowing

Last week, one of my students spent the week job shadowing me. I had a great time and did not realize how much I really do until I had someone there to help me. I think I need an assistant. On Friday, Caroline had to interview me. She asked several questions about how technology has changed my career, what changes would I like to see in the next 5 years, the number one piece of advice I would give someone wanting to get into the industry, along with several other questions. After I answered her questions, I thought I would ask her a few questions and share her answers with you. Hopefully I will give you a little better insight into me and my day to day life.


1. What did you learn this week?~I learned that you do not have to know everything about everything. Do NOT lie to you customers, if you do not know an answer tell them and then try to find the answer, but do not just make up an answer to satisfy them. It is important to know where to find an answer if you do not know the answer. I also learned to not second guess yourself. Go with your gut.

2. Did anything surprise you?~What really matters in taking care of a horse. Where I board, I have always been hounded about having clean blankets and cleaning stalls. You hardly use blankets or stalls. That is not a necessity to have a healthy, happy, horse. I saw a side of the horse world I had never seen before this week.

3. Would you come back again?~Yes, I had a  great time and learned quite a bit. I want to come back for longer this summer.

4. After this week, do you think you would like a career with horses?~Yes of course. This week opened my eyes to even more possibilities out there. There are so many career options with horses that I had never even thought about.


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