A Review of My Week

As I have already talked about in an earlier post, I was quite busy this week. I have struggled to get my two posts in this week. The weather is cold and rainy/snowy tonight so I will be inside and hope to go ahead and start working on my posts for next week. Right now I hope to have a giveaway next week. If not then for sure the week after so keep checking back! Anyway, since the week was so busy I figured I would just share a few pictures from the week with you.

weatherYes, It is January and my car said it was 75. What the heck!?!

fireA few evening this week after we got everything finished we started a fire. We love to stand around and enjoy the fire. A glass of wine and a fire is always a great way to end the day!

noseybellaI had my camera out to take pictures of a horse I am hoping to sell soon and Bella was so curious. I had to share a picture. Silly Filly!

carolineThis week I had a student of mine, Caroline, come and job shadow me all week. I will be having a whole post next week dedicated to her experience.

Well that about sums up my week.



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