This Thursday’s Tip of the Week is all about taking care of your horse. Sometimes your horses need a little extra care. I give all my horses supplements. Everyday all of my training, lessons, and running horses get supplements in their feed. I use my supplement program as a preventative. I feed good, fresh, quality feed and then I mix in my supplements. All of my horses get Actiflex 4000, corn oil,  and diatomaceous earth. Other than those supplements, I custom blend the other supplements based on what each horse needs. The Actiflex 4000 is an amazing joint supplement. It is made here in the great state of South Carolina. I really love this product. Years ago I did not use it and one of my older open horses started getting some arthritis, well I put him on Actiflex and I saw results almost immediately. Since then I put that in all of my feed. I also mix diatomaceous earth. Last summer Willie was having some digestive issues. I spent a ton of money having blood work and scopes done. Everything came back fine but he was having liquid projectile farts. It was SICKENING! I was getting nothing done because I would was his back legs as many as 5 times each day. Finally my vet said we could try the DE. I did and it worked. I now put a tiny amount in all of my horses feed. It says it can be used as a wormer, but I still use wormer once a quarter. I also use corn oil to help the supplements stick to the feed so pickier horses cannot eat around the supplements. The oil also helps make coats soft. Willie gets a supplement called STP, which is also by the makers of Actiflex, for two days before he runs and two days after he makes a run. I just do this so hopefully he is not in any pain. He seems great, but he is getting older so I do this to keep him comfortable and enjoying his job. I also have  a rescue horse that I sold before and got a call I needed to come pick him up. I supplement him with green peas to give him some added protein. I do this for all my younger horses.

This is a picture of what Willie’s feed looks like everyday.


Here are some photos of the supplements I use.


Here are a few things to keep my horses healthy, happy, and performing at their best. Do you feed supplements, if so what do you feed?

Next week’s tip will be about the length of your barrel racing reins! Stay tuned.


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