The Trade

Well as some of you know this weekend I made a trade. I traded a lesson horse for a 2 year old filly that is a 2014 futurity prospect. Last summer, I bought Miley for a student of mine. After a few weeks the student decided horse ownership was not for her so I bought Miley back. She has been used as my lesson pony since then. I loaned her to a family to take to a Junior Rodeo and I took a different student to her first show on Miley. Miley was great! She was just stubborn enough to make a student work, but easy enough that she was a great learning tool. If you didn’t ask correctly you didn’t get what you wanted. I love horses like that, but sadly Miley was much too nice of a horse to only be used for a few lessons a month. Most of my students have their own horses or I use other horses at the farm. If Miley was just 3 inches taller, you could have NEVER gotten me to sell or trade her. Jacob loved her too.



Sunday morning we got up, hooked up the truck and trailer, and went to get Miley ready. It rained all last week so I washed her legs and trimmed her up. Jacob had to help brush her and wash her legs. He even rode her to the trailer. Then he had to say goodbye. It was actually quite sad. Then we hit the road. Chet was the driver for the day, since I am still a little sick he decided to go help out (sometimes he really is the best husband ever!). The horse I was trading for was about an hour away. When we got to the farm, the lady I was trading with was so happy to see Miley. I felt really good about trading. Miley will get put to use giving several lessons each week and teaching students all about how to ride correctly. That is what she is good at and what she enjoys so even though I liked her, it was not in her best interest for me to keep her. I feel like one of the most rewarding parts of my job is helping a horse be happy and succeed. Miley will do great at her new home.

Then we put Diva on the trailer and off we went. We took her to my sister in laws place and kept her there till I went back home Monday morning. She seemed quite nice, but I did not have much time to spend with her. I will be doing another post all about her soon. Please disregard how nasty she looks, and she must have a new halter. I promise she is much cuter than the photo shows.




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