It’s a New Year!

It is the fourth day of 2013 and we are working on making some changes around here. I have made several resolutions. One is to blog more often, my life is amazing, why wouldn’t I want to share what is going on? Therefore, I plan to blog at least twice a week. Another resolution of mine is to get myself back into shape. Not only would it be nice to fit into the jeans I used to and give my husband his pre-baby wife’s body back, it would be easier on my horses. So far I am 4 for 4 on working out in 2013, hopefully it will last.

I have also started come up with a few new business ventures (all horsey related!). I am really devoting time and effort into my tack and jewelry. When I was pregnant I was making tack and jewelry all the time, but since Jacob was born I have not been working on it as much as I would like. I think I have made a total of 2 pieces in 2 years. I miss it. I will be sharing my pieces here and if they are not special orders, they will be available to purchase.

A few other ventures of mine are making vitamin and mineral horse treats and making lotions and scrubs. Back to the treats, not only are they tasty and your horses will love them, they also provide salt, vitamins, and minerals for your horses. No more top dressing your feed, just give them a treat. Trust me, your horse will thank you for it! My treats are baked fresh using top quality ingredients. The treats are available by order and I will be doing a give away shortly! Hooray for giveaways! (PS there are several giveaways in the works!) For Christmas I gave a few hand scrubs and lotions I had made as gifts. People had a fit and said I need to market them. I am not sure about this but I do plan on making more for gifts and giveaways and if there ends up being a market for it then I will start that venture.

What resolutions and plans do you have to make your 2013 great? I would love to hear from you!


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