You Keep What In Your First Aid Kit?

Well my last post told about how I was going to make a new first aid kit for my horse trailer. Well I started packing it the other day, but I will do a complete post on that later this week.  I had a friend of mine with me while I started packing the kit and she asked me several questions about 1 particular item I ALWAYS keep in my first aid kit. So my question to you is what is the oddest thing in your first aid kit? Mine is an awesome product  called pickling lime. That is right pickling lime. The stuff you use to turn cucumbers into amazing pickles is in my first aid kit for the horses. I bet you are thinking why in the world is that in your first aid kit. Well the answer is…it is amazing on open wounds. If you see a boo-boo happen and you catch it right then you can call the vet and get stiches, but after 24 hours most vets say stiches are a waste. This stuff is amazing. All you do is clean the wound and then pack it with pickling lime a few times each day and it will close it right up. Most of the time you can hardly even see a scar, but  it depends on how deep the cut is. This stuff is great. I never go anywhere without it. I have even used it on myself. The photo below is exactly what I keep in my kit. You can find it in the canning section at your local Wal-Mart. Your grocery store may even have it. Please though, if you see something happen or you know it is fresh, call your vet, your animal may need an antibiotic also. But for cuts this stuff works miracles!

pickling lime


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