It’s A Girl!!!

Well I have been waiting on my paint mare to have her foal. I was so excited because this horse is bred to be an AWESOME barrel horse. My mare has run and done well in the past and has lots of run on her side. I bred the mare to Goldilocks, my beautiful palomino stud who is cutting bred. I have gotten several very nice barrel horses from him. At the end of last year, I decided to sell him as he is getting older and has too much potential to just be a stud. I sold him to a very close friend of mine actually does cutting. Goldilocks is doing great and he is happy. He just never really like running barrels. So this is my last Goldilocks foal. Well wouldn’t you know I have surgery on Thursday and don’t feel like going to the pastures to check on everybody. Friday when I finally got out to the pasture, there was a cute little bay filly. Well I have to admit she is super super cute and quite friendly, but I was really hoping for a colt. I love my men. I very rarely ever keep a filly, but we will see what happens. She does not have a name yet, but I did take a few pictures to share with everyone. I know I have a terrible camera (it is the camera that is on my ancient phone-hoping to upgrade soon!) and I also know that I am not the best photographer (my angles and lighting could be better). So it goes without saying that my pictures do not do her justice, but you can still see she is a cute little booger!

Mom, I’m hungry!


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