What kind of feed do you feed your horse? Do you go with a big name brand like Purina? Or do you buy whatever Tractor Supply carries? Do you have a local feed mill in your town, do you buy freshly milled feed? Every horse owner has their own preference on horse feed. Personally, I buy my feed from a local feed mill. The mill is about 20 minutes from my house. They mill the feed often which ensures that I always have fresh feed. When you buy from a store where the feed is not made sometimes you run into the problem of feed sitting around for a few months and getting old. This never happens with the feed mill. I also know that if I would ever have a problem with feed then my problem would actually matter since it is one small store. If I were to buy a feed like Safe Choice or Strategy from a large name brand company then my business does not really hurt that company and they will not really care about my issue. Also, by buying local you have a chance to get more support. My local feed mill always helps with 4H programs and local shows. Plus since they do not have to warehouse the feed, it is usually cheaper. In next weeks post I will talking about the actual feed I use and giving you a tour of my feed mill. I will also be talking about what goes into horse feed and how you know what you are actually getting and what you actually need. In the meantime, when is the last time you checked the date your feed was manufactured, or read the feed tag, what does your feed cost you right now? Hope you are having a great weekend!


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