Random Ramblings

Well this week has been an odd week. So my post will be pretty rambly today. I have decided no matter what, I am going to make myself post at least twice a week from now on. My actual goal is 3 times but I WILL at least post twice!

Since Saturday evening we have had over 6 inches of rain. Don’t get me wrong. We needed the rain and we are still in a drought. Our ponds are still not even half full but with weeks like we will eventually get caught back up.

I have had a toothache for the last 2 weeks. I finally went to the dentist this week. He put me on an antibiotic and I have to go back for some major work next Thursday.  I am not a fan of the dentist so you know I am in some major pain since I went. I would rather have 3 c-sections than one toothache.

On a positive note, gas prices are down! I got gas the other day for $2.98. What is the gas price where you live? I know SC is pretty cheap but I hope you are getting some relief where you are also!

Foal Watch 2012. Last week I shared pictures of one my client’s new foal. Well I am still wait on my mare. She looks miserable, don’t you think?

Hope you are having a nice week!


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