A Trip To The Feed Store

As promised, I went back to the feed mill and took a little tour. Well I am¬†completely in a hurry this afternoon so this post has to be short and sweet so I will go more into detail with pictures of equipment and what they do next time (Hopefully tomorrow). For today though I thought I would should you the office and ware house space. Like I said last time, my feed mill is a pretty nifty little place. They have a little of this and a little of that. I do buy some of my tack from there before I bling it out. I can’t be seen using the same headstall as anybody else. My tack is completely customized. But I do buy some headstalls and bits from here. They have a decent assortment of goodies. They also have some saddles, I generally try to win my saddles though. ūüôā

Here is a picture of the feed warehouse. Filled to the brim with super fresh feed ready to feed your chickens, goats, horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, cats, and dogs. I’m not sure about you but I like to eat fresh food and I don’t think that my horses deserve any less than fresh feed. When you purchase from a mill, they make the feed as they need it so it doesn’t sit around for months since there are no minimum orders to meet.

And here is the start of my next post. This is the computer program that actually schedules the batchs and tells the operators when to add each ingredient. But like I said, time is short today so I will go WAY more into detail on this next time.


It’s A Girl!!!

Well I have been waiting on my paint mare to have her foal. I was so excited because this horse is bred to be an AWESOME barrel horse. My mare has run and done well in the past and has lots of run on her side. I bred the mare to Goldilocks, my beautiful palomino stud who is cutting bred. I have gotten several very nice barrel horses from him. At the end of last year, I decided to sell him as he is getting older and has too much potential to just be a stud. I sold him to a very close friend of mine actually does cutting. Goldilocks is doing great and he is happy. He just never really like running barrels. So this is my last Goldilocks foal. Well wouldn’t you know I have surgery on Thursday and don’t feel like going to the pastures to check on everybody. Friday when I finally got out to the pasture, there was a cute little bay filly. Well I have to admit she is super super cute and quite friendly, but I was really hoping for a colt. I love my men. I very rarely ever keep a filly, but we will see what happens. She does not have a name yet, but I did take a few pictures to share with everyone. I know I have a terrible camera (it is the camera that is on my ancient phone-hoping to upgrade soon!) and I also know that I am not the best photographer (my angles and lighting could be better). So it goes without saying that my pictures do not do her justice, but you can still see she is a cute little booger!

Mom, I’m hungry!


What kind of feed do you feed your horse? Do you go with a big name brand like Purina? Or do you buy whatever Tractor Supply carries? Do you have a local feed mill in your town, do you buy freshly milled feed? Every horse owner has their own preference on horse feed. Personally, I buy my feed from a local feed mill. The mill is about 20 minutes from my house. They mill the feed often which ensures that I always have fresh feed. When you buy from a store where the feed is not made sometimes you run into the problem of feed sitting around for a few months and getting old. This never happens with the feed mill. I also know that if I would ever have a problem with feed then my problem would actually matter since it is one small store. If I were to buy a feed like Safe Choice or Strategy from a large name brand company then my business does not really hurt that company and they will not really care about my issue. Also, by buying local you have a chance to get more support. My local feed mill always helps with 4H programs and local shows. Plus since they do not have to warehouse the feed, it is usually cheaper. In next weeks post I will talking about the actual feed I use and giving you a tour of my feed mill. I will also be talking about what goes into horse feed and how you know what you are actually getting and what you actually need. In the meantime, when is the last time you checked the date your feed was manufactured, or read the feed tag, what does your feed cost you right now? Hope you are having a great weekend!

A Trip To The Dentist

Well as most of you know, I have been having a toothache for about the last month. I went to the dentist last week and he put me on an antibiotic and told me to come back yesterday. Well I did. OMG I would rather have 10 c-sections than go to the dentist. On the bright side I am feeling a little better today. While I was laying in the chair waiting on my gas to start working, I read this really cool poster that they had on the ceiling. It was about fulfilling your dreams and how to live life. I MUST have this poster. It was a complete inspiration and I have decided to make a few life changes.  Here is a link to what the poster says: http://www.wowzone.com/abc.htm. It is crazy to think I had an AHA moment just because my teeth were killing me, but hey whatever works. Take some time and read through this and see if you need to change the way you are doing things in order to better achieve your dreams.

Here is a picture of the damage that was done yesterday!

Random Ramblings

Well this week has been an odd week. So my post will be pretty rambly today. I have decided no matter what, I am going to make myself post at least twice a week from now on. My actual goal is 3 times but I WILL at least post twice!

Since Saturday evening we have had over 6 inches of rain. Don’t get me wrong. We needed the rain and we are still in a drought. Our ponds are still not even half full but with weeks like we will eventually get caught back up.

I have had a toothache for the last 2 weeks. I finally went to the dentist this week. He put me on an antibiotic and I have to go back for some major work next Thursday.  I am not a fan of the dentist so you know I am in some major pain since I went. I would rather have 3 c-sections than one toothache.

On a positive note, gas prices are down! I got gas the other day for $2.98. What is the gas price where you live? I know SC is pretty cheap but I hope you are getting some relief where you are also!

Foal Watch 2012. Last week I shared pictures of one my client’s new foal. Well I am still wait on my mare. She looks miserable, don’t you think?

Hope you are having a nice week!

That Time of Year

Well I’m not sure what is it like where you are, but it is our busy time of year.¬†¬†We have horse shows almost every weekend, kids out of school, and babies being born. The end of spring and¬†start summer are always a busy time for us. This week has been especially fun though. Our kittens are getting older and starting to explore now. We have 3 boys and 1 girl. Jacob LOVES them (they are not too sure about him)!

Saturday the two broodmares were brought up so we could keep an eye on them. They were due in about 2 weeks. Well wouldn’t you know, Monday I went out to see everyone between rain showers and we have a super cute little stud colt. This is not my foal. He belongs to a client and I was highly against breeding this mare but I must say he is a pretty cute little fellow. I love his face. My mare has not had her¬†foal yet but she looks miserable and is pretty close. Due to the state of the horse industry, we decided not to breed many mares last year so there will only be 2 babies on the farm this year.

Hope everything is going well in your neck of the woods!