Kudzu Beetles

Well down south, we are having problems. We have a bug that is taking over everything. They are destroying wisteria, soybeans, even the insulation in peoples houses. These bugs are ugly little creatures known as kudzu beetles. The other day I had a guy bring a few over to see if I had ever seen them…Well I had heard about them and guessed that is what they were but in order to be sure we called our trusty Clemson extention agent to come out and look and see what they were…I was right…Kudzu beetles. Now as much as I love to be right I was kind of hoping I was wrong…I do not want these things taking over everything around my place but if so I will do what I have to do and hope for the best…Do you have kudzu beetles where you are?

Here is a picture of the bag full of beetles he brought over-all of the brown are beetles. You can see how they have completely covered the wisteria. They were EVERYWHERE!!!