Well it is spring time here, except I think maybe we skipped spring and went straght to summer. The last two weeks it has been over 85 degrees. Now don’t get me wrong, I love warm weather, but for it to only be March this is a little extreme. This spring has been SO busy. I am slammed with riding lessons and horses to ride as well as being  busy with Jacob-he is now WIDE open. 

I know with spring new life begins but I have never noticed as much as I am this year. Every step I take at the farm I walk into a spider web. This drives me NUTS. I cannot stand those things although I know spiders have their place in the world I prefer it was not around me.  Also, tiny green catepillars have been falling from the trees and are covering everything. I snapped a few pictures yesterday with my terrible cell phone camera. I promise I am going to update my camera one day. Do you have these catepillars where you are?